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Sunny Pegs

SUNNY PEGS - Strong Stainless Steel Pegs - Marine Grade 316

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Available in 3 sizes:

  • REGULAR: Most similar to a plastic clothes peg in grip and easy on your fingers.
  • STRONG: Similar in size to the Standard, but made from a thicker wire - these are great for windy locations or those with heavier items - towels, blankets etc. Good exercise for your fingers.
  • LONG: Thicker wire like the Strong, but longer and with a larger pivot point - these pegs are easy on the fingers and great for the elderly, or those prone to sore fingers.

Further Detail:

  • Made from a single piece of machine formed wire, these Stainless Steel Pegs are suitable for long term outdoor use
  • 316 Grade Stainless Steel is highly resistant to rust and deterioration! These pegs are especially suited for those living near the coast or in the yachting community.
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable & recyclable
  • Tough & durable - no moving parts that can get damaged or break apart
  • Sunny Pegs™ don't get hot to touch, even in direct sunlight! Our high quality Marine Grade Stainless Steel ensures that almost all of the suns light is reflected away from the pegs meaning less heat is absorbed that other coloured pegs.
  • Sunny Pegs™ are available in convenient packs of 20, 40 and 60

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bryan Gagen

Very good and sturdy pegs.

Alex N
All good, thanks

All good, thanks

Hi Alex, Thanks for sharing your feedback